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Sometimes We Get Lucky With People At iCoach Global. Prime Example: Meet iCoach Global Faculty Member Bart Feder, ACC

By Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

Sometimes, we get lucky with people.  The first time we meet this person, it may be a positive experience.  And then the next time and times afterwards the experiences of being with this person may get even better and better.  Exhibit A for today: iCoach Global Faculty member Bart Feder.

Looking at Bart’s long, successful career in media which has included stints as an Executive and General Manager in such places as ABC-TV and CNN, it wasn’t predictable that Bart would end up joining our faculty at iCoach Global.  

The common denominator is people. 

Bart is excellent with people.  He’s excellent as a friend, as a colleague, and as a manager.  From knowing a few things about him, I don’t think that Bart was born being great with people- although I may be wrong here.  He’s warmly persistent. He’s a man who  has a high sense of empathy and a deep sense of purpose.  He almost always communicates his willingness to do the work- to step in and help.  His extraordinary sense of willingness may be his superpower. 

In somewhat chaotic environments where things are often in flux, like media businesses, or coaching programs, having Bart “in the house” has a positive effect on both the environment and everyone around him.

This made it easy for me to recognize that Bart was someone we wanted on our faculty team. Even though Bart is new to the executive coaching field, he’s been coaching people his entire career.  Our participants and his supervisees proved the point last year as they quickly responded to his feedback and reflections as an Instructor and Mentor Coach/Supervisor.

Bart still has his hand in the media world- now as a sought-after consultant and executive coach.  But he also seems happy to have found an oasis of meaning in his work as an exceptional executive coach.  And when you’re an executive coach, it’s a bonus being around other executive coaches who are good at their craft.  The equation is Bart needs iCoach Global, and we need him.  Our participants, our coaching clients, and our faculty benefit from the exchange.  We hope it’s the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship to paraphrase what Rick tells Louis at the end of “Casablanca.” 

We’re getting older.  We’re now turning twenty-one. We’re launching our 21st class at our iCoach Global Professional Coaching Program.  We begin this Friday February 23 with fourteen exceptional participants.  We look forward to welcoming them, learning side by side. We look forward to many meaningful experiences on this journey.  For information about our program for 2025, please reach out to us at

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