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Our History

Training Executive Coaches

We’ve been training executive coaches for twenty years.  Our program is limited to 12-15 participants.  It runs once per year in the spring, with classes meeting every Friday for fifteen weeks from the end of February until the first Friday in June.  The hours are 8:30 am ET to 12:30 pm ET, all virtual. In addition, participants must be aware of the hours for coaching, supervision and outside of class reading that is required.

iCoach Global partners with the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch, one of New York’s premiere public universities, to provide an extended network of learning resources. Our iCoach program continues being hosted at the NYC-based Graduate School of Management, Zicklin School, in our new virtual format.  Our iCoach graduates receive a diploma certificate with the name and insignia of both iCoach Global and the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch.

Certificate Level 1 - iCoach Global.jpg

As of March, 2023, the International Coach Federation has accredited ICoach Global as a Level 1 Program, certified to offer 124 SCH [Student Contact Hours] towards the required ICF SCHs.

Graduates of our iCoach Program will not only have the required 60 SCHs towards the ACC credential,​ ​they will have received all the Mentor Coach hours they need and will be able to record their required ACC​ ​recorded coaching session while attending our Program.

As an added benefit, if our participants choose to go for the PCC credential via the ICF, they'll need only​ ​one additional SCH as part of their application.  They will still need to complete other parts of the ICF PCC application.


Our Faculty consist of successful, experienced coaches who work together to deliver this Program.  In addition, we are all working independently as Executive Coaches with robust practices.

After twenty years,  we now have an incredibly deep alumni network, available to all program participants.  Most of our alumni have developed external coaching practices or have applied this learning to their internal coaching processes. Our Alumni often work together and partner in their own practices, because they trust the high-quality talent we attract at our program and outstanding the training they receive.


This Program may seem similar to an immersion language program. We immerse you in the coaching world to learn executive coaching. In addition to having an Executive Coaching Client and a Mentor Coach Supervisor, you also work with your Peers to coach each other through a series of recorded executive coaching sessions.    Listening to your recordings afterwards, you can hear how you are meeting or not meeting the ICF coaching competencies at the ACC level.


With us, you learn executive coaching at both feeling and thinking levels.  You learn by experiencing and observing yourself coaching. You learn by listening to your teachers and watching your peers. You learn by finding your own coaching voice and taking moderate risks to be inspiring with your Client.



Teaching Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Donna Marcus, MA

Donna Marcus, MA

Senior Faculty Advisor

Michael Frisch, Ph.D.

Michael Frisch, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty

Karen Metzger, LCSW

Karen Metzger, LCSW

Emeritus Faculty

Do you think you have what it takes to become an exceptional Executive Coach through our iCoach Program?

If the answer is yes, reach out and include your resume or a link to your Linked In profile to start a conversation with us.

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