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Exclusive Services

Executive Coaching

We offer One on One Executive Coaching to executives and leaders, who wish to develop their skills and capacity to do their jobs more effectively and increase their satisfaction while doing so.  We provide Executive Coaching referral to our iCoach Faculty mostly. We also provide limited referrals to our iCoach graduates, although we do not operate as a referral service for our graduates.


Coach Supervision

Our Coach Supervising is a unique program that is offered to coaches who are new or seasoned who wish to develop and or deepen their capacity to deliver exceptional executive coaching. We meet with the coach and focus on key areas that each coach wants to develop. Coach supervision is totally confidential. This is especially important for internal coaches.


Internal Coach Development

Our Internal Coach Development programs are customized for your organization. We can help you develop the capacity of your Human Resources, Organizational Development and Learning & Development professionals to become empowered coaches and apply their skills in a range of internal coaching engagements, such as Transition Coaching, and in Feedback and Development Planning Coaching. Unlike external coaching, Internal Coaching has some special opportunities and challenges. We tailor our training to support you in capturing those opportunities and address the challenges so that your internal coaches can be maximally effective.  We have helped a number of organizations over the years establish Internal Executive Coaching Programs for their organizational leaders.  We continue to operate as learning resource for most of those programs.   We can provide references for this work, upon request.

Let's Work Together

Please contact us at by email with the subject line iCoach Global exclusive services to start a conversation about one of our offerings.

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