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PCP Testimonials

Hear what people are saying.


$3,000,000 Worth of Executive Coaching.  All Pro Bono.


That is the approximate value of Pro Bono Executive Coaching that iCoach Global participants have provided to various organizations over the past twenty years.

This is based on an approximate value of $ 12,500 per three-month pro bono coaching engagement our participants have engaged in as part of their training. Yet, this number does not even include other pro bono work iCoach Global Alumni continue to provide on the Ashoka Project, and other non-profit engagements.  We at iCoach Global are always contributing to our communities and also making the world of executive coaching more well-informed about best practices and ethics in executive coaching.


Do you think you have what it takes to become an exceptional Executive Coach through our iCoach Program?

If the answer is yes, reach out and include your resume or a link to your Linked In profile to start a conversation with us.

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