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Become An Exceptional Executive Coach

Learn more about our program.

Our ICF-Accredited Coaching Program has been training and producing exceptional executive coaches for 20 years – and now our program is fully virtual for even greater reach.

There are many coaching programs available – here is what differentiates us as an exceptional program: iCoachGlobal

Learn more about our program.​

Our entire PCP program is now virtual including all classes, supervision and participant coaching engagements with clients in real organizations.

As of March, 2023, the International Coach Federation has accredited iCoach Global
as a Level 1 Program.

Email Admission etc. made by iCoach Global Faculty

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with the subject line iCoach Global exclusive services to start a conversation about one of our offerings

What's Different

What’s different about us.

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We screen and select who we admit to this Program

We’re looking for candidates who have the potential to become exceptional Executive Coaches– people who demonstrate a passion for understanding how they can make a difference and who wish to continuously grow and learn.

​Pro bono executive coaching for program participants

By having your own Executive Coaching Client, you learn how to be an Executive Coach by actually doing executive coaching.  Our model is built on appreciation for the benefits of experiential, real time learning that parallel what you learn each week in the program.

​Weekly Individual Mentor Coaching/Supervision

As a participant, you receive one on one weekly Mentor Coaching/Supervision from an ICF Certified Executive Coach in addition to weekly classes- to support your work with your executive coaching Client.

Creation of a personal model

You get to develop a personal model of coaching while staying true to an “ARC of the coaching engagement” which allows for discipline, flexibility and creativity as a coach.

Do you have what it takes to become an exceptional Executive Coach?

Exceptional Executive Coaches are not born.  They are shaped  by years of experience in what is often, but not always, an organizational role that allows the coach to understand how culture and an organizational system impacts ones ability to be successful at work.  It takes high empathy, an understanding of adult development pathways as well as  grit to succeed as an Executive Coach.  The empathy is to help us understand and appreciate our Clients as people.  The grit is the agility and flexibility which helps one to be resilient in the face of unexpected events and changes often seen in organizational life.


We know that coaches come from varied backgrounds no matter what organizational experience they have had in their career. We seek to expand our cohort group of coaches by encouraging those with an atypical background such as independent business owners, functional leaders who ‘speak business’ as well as psychologists, OD professionals  and HR experts who come from non-traditional HR roles.  Our prior participants include CHRO’s, Heads of Diversity and DEI experts as well as those coming from a leadership position in for and non-profit organizations. All can become exceptional coaches when displaying the core competencies that enable them to leverage their skills to have impact on others.

Another aspect of our program is the strength of each cohort group that goes through the iCoach experience together. We know that participants get as much learning from their peers as they do from our experienced Faculty – we believe in having a strong learning community.


Over the past twenty years, we know that our core philosophy of  an experiential approach to coach development yields impressive results. Visualize this.  At no other point in your executive coaching career will you get to benefit from the coaching cases of your peers – you get to learn from the varied approaches of a  small cohort of other talented executive coaching colleagues as they conduct each sessions including  the collection of 360 feedback from the key stakeholders nominated by your Client.  Learning from peers gives you insight to the many tools to use during coaching and encourages informed risk-taking and builds self-confidence.

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