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June 20, 2023 iCoach Global Alumni Meeting

Your Coaching Client Quits The Organization In The Middle Of Your Executive Coaching: What Do You Do As An Internal Or External Executive Coach?

Our iCoach Panel of Experts will offer a lively discussion.

Taking Notes


Tuesday June 20, 2023

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


iCoach Alumni, Sponsors and Clients and new potential members of our community.


We’ll be offering a lively panel discussion on this important topic. AND: We’ll also be introducing 2023 graduates of our iCoach Global Program.

Our Discussion Panel will feature:  Eric Marko, PCC, Global Head of Coaching at Spellman Electronics, HV, Melissa Schulz, External Executive Coach & CEO of Gray Wolf Consulting, and a special guest speaker to be named later.

Panel to be moderated by David Sarnoff, Esq, ACC, iCoach Faculty & Head of iCoach Global Alumni Events.


Almost every External and Internal Executive Coach has had this experience:


You're making good progress with your Executive Coaching Client.  This Client is a high performer who can be a member of an under-represented community or a member of the majority with the organization  Today they told you they plan to quit.

Aside for being surprised, you find yourself unusually upset.  How do you handle this situation as both a coach and someone who wants to support equity and inclusion within the organization?  We look forward to your participation in this lively, interactive dialogue.

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