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ICF Accreditation

Level 1 Certification

As of March, 2023, the International Coach Federation has accredited ICoach Global as a Level 1 Program, certified to offer 124 SCH [Student Contact Hours] towards the required ICF SCHs.

Graduates of our iCoach Program will not only have the required 60 SCHs towards the ACC credential,​ ​they will have received all the Mentor Coach hours they need and will be able to record their required ACC​ ​recorded coaching session while attending our Program.

As an added benefit, if our participants choose to go for the PCC credential via the ICF, they'll need only​ ​one additional SCH as part of their application.  They will still need to complete other parts of the ICF PCC application.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an exceptional Executive Coach through our iCoach Program?

If the answer is yes, reach out and include your resume or a link to your Linked In profile to start a conversation with us.

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