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ICF Accreditation

Level 1 accreditation from ICF is pending

Previously, iCoach New York was an ACSTH-accredited Program through the International Coach Federation.  As of early 2022, ICF has revamped the accreditations of all ICF accredited coaching programs worldwide towards a new model they described as Level 1 and Level 2.


As part of the process, iCoach Global [formerly iCoach New York] has applied to be a Level 1, ICF-accredited program status towards participants gaining 124 SCH [Student Contact Hours].  ICF approval of this iCoach Global- as well as many other coaching school applications- is pending.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an exceptional Executive Coach through our iCoach Program?

If the answer is yes, reach out and include your resume or a link to your Linked In profile to start a conversation with us.

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