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January 17th iCoach Webinar

Using Emotional Intelligence Assessments And Thinking In Executive Coaching

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January 17, 2023

5:45 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


Zoom (details provided in Registration Confirmation)


  • iCoach Alumni & iCoach Sponsors of Coaching & Guests – no charge

  • iCoach Global has created this as a Thank you event to Alumni & Sponsors

  • Requires Registration code to attend

Opening up Executive Coaching engagements via using the EQ I 2.O assessment and EQ thinking.


Scott Livingston

Scott Livingston is already known to quite a few iCoach graduates, who have received their certification on the EQ-I 2.0 Assessment and EQ-I 360 through his company, which is affiliated with MHS, the publisher of the EQ-I Assessment.

Scott is President of Livingston Consulting Group. He partners with professionals to help them reach their potential in the workplace and meet their goals. Through leadership training and executive coaching, his company customizes leadership development plans for each client, focusing on emotional intelligence.

This webinar is a chance for iCoach graduates and Sponsors to experience Scott’s work. This webinar is also open to future iCoach participants and Sponsors of iCoach coaching engagements to look inside the world of emotional intelligence coaching.

Many clients of Scott’s coaching have noted that he works with “heart and edge,” meaning that he’s friendly and engaging with clients, but also holds them accountable to their performance objectives. It’s Scott’s hope that the level of trust he establishes will allow him to ask his clients the tough questions that will act as catalysts for their growth and development.

Scott completed his doctorate in organizational leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University in April 2012, where he now serves as Adjunct Professor of Leadership Development.

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