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Jeremy Robinson, MSW, MCC [Director of Education]

Jeremy has become an executive coach and trusted leadership advisor to CEOs and other executive team members through a path that started with his deep interest in helping people.  A writer, poet, and newspaper reporter after college, he pursued an MFA in Writing and English before shifting careers and getting an MSW in Clinical Social Work.  He has also had training in psychotherapy/psychoanalysis, supervision of psychotherapeutic process, and mental health consultation.  After running a large psychotherapy practice, he shifted his work to executive coach given the growing demand in the late 1980s for leaders who were emotionally intelligent.  Since then, he has coached several hundred leaders and trained more than 300 other executive coaches through iCoach, an organization he co-founded in New York City.  Jeremy’s coaching work satisfies his interests in and commitment to “touching the culture” of organizations, LGBTQ+ issues, and advancing the careers of female leaders.  He’s co-author of “Becoming and Exceptional Executive Coach.”  For him, it’s always been about helping people.

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