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Introducing Donna Marcus, iCoach Global Faculty Member And Key Contributor To Our Exceptional Program Over Many Years

By Jeremy Robinson, MSW, MCC

If I tried to use colors to represent Donna Marcus’ many contributions to iCoach New York and iCoach Global over the past 15 years, I’d be showing everyone all the colors in the rainbow!

Starting as a guest presenter 15 years ago, we chose Donna to become a faculty partner on our team after we found ourselves with a gaping hole among our faculty after iCoach New York founder Bob Lee passed away ten years ago.

Donna did not just step into the gap. She provided many curriculum ideas, organizing insights and creative perspectives on updating curriculum. She was a nurturing presence as a supervisor. Her dynamic intelligence challenged us in the best possible ways to keep getting better.

During the pandemic, Donna was a stabilizing influence on our participants and was very reassuring to me when I found myself a frightened early Covid patient in first phase of the pandemic in March 2020-a time I don’t enjoy remembering. We moved from being a meet-in-person program to a meet-on-Zoom program. We had no idea it was the beginning of our new virtual existence.

After Karen Metzger and Mike Frisch stepped back from active involvement in teaching and supervision, Donna and I partnered as we re-sized and converted what had been a successful in person program to powerful virtual one.

One of our first partnerships involved re-creating the iCoach PCP module on Coaching presence. Presence is the term that always comes to mind when I think of Donna’s teaching and love for playing with new ideas.

I’d describe Donna as a vivacious learner always keen to share ideas. Our participants have responded with enthusiasm to her powerful sponsorship of their learning.

More recently, some personal issues in her life have caused Donna to cut back her partnership with the program to that of a part-time faculty instructor. To her credit, we still get the benefit of her creative ideas and enthusiastic suggestions about our classes and program.

As you can observe in the attached video interview, Donna continues in her executive coaching and consulting practice. She can be reached by email at You can also find information about her work on Linked In-

Meanwhile, our is heading into the homestretch. At today’s Class 11, we had the dynamic experience of observing three of our participants role play two elements of a Coaching Development plan meeting first between Coach and Client. Next part involved the Manager meeting with Coach and Client discussing the Coaching Development Plan. Feedback we received from our participants was that seeing this CDP Meeting acted out in front of them helped prepare them for doing their own CDP Meetings with their executive coaching clients- which will happen in the upcoming weeks.

We continue to be the only executive coach training program that I know of that provides an actual executive coaching client for our participants. We find these clients for our participants who do a three-month executive coaching engagement with them.

Even though, our 2025 iCoach Global Program start is many months away, we’ve already started accepting participants. To request information about our program, please contact us at


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