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Introducing Toni Booker, An Exceptional Executive Coach And iCoach Graduate

We’ve been lucky at iCoach. We’ve been able to teach and train many amazing Executive Coaches. We’ve decided to start introducing a number of them to the larger coaching and leadership world through short video interviews.

The true story is that when AMACOM publishing company was publishing our book about ten years ago, we wanted to call the book, “Becoming an Executive Coach.” We thought the title reflected what we were describing in our pages.

The publishing company, ever conscious of commercial impact, overrode our preference and decided to all our book, #BecomingAnExceptionalExecutiveCoach.

It turns out that the publishers were right. Our #iCoach graduates in the years since the book was published in 2011 - and before the book was published, have consistently shown up as exceptional.

At iCoach, we’ve done an excellent job of training coaches because we find them an executive coaching Client to work with in their training, and supervise them in doing this coaching. They learn executive coaching by doing executive coaching.

Also, we’re choosy in whom we accept to join us as participants. Applicants are not automatically admitted.

At iCoach, you need to show that you have a demonstrated commitment to doing professional executive coaching work, and the potential to do exceptional work. We’re interested in coaches who like the idea of finding their own voices as executive coaches - not coaches who just want to “follow the leader” and coach like someone who has written a cookbook on how to coach.

As we’ve been busy training these exceptional Executive Coaches we’ve missed the opportunity to showcase their work.

With this first interview with #ToniBooker, we’re delighted to showcase how amazing these coaches are. We will be introducing you to them in the coming weeks through short interviews.

We urge you to go to their websites, and check on the quality of work they’re engaged in. We strongly recommend you hire them for executive coaching engagements. Toni Booker is a stellar example.

And, if you run across leaders, HR business partners, OD practitioners, or psychologists and social workers within your organizations who have the potential to become exceptional Executive Coaches, we urge you to send them our way, at

Our theme for this year for iCoach is #Let’sGetReconnected. In cases where we’ve never been connected to you or your organization, let’s start connecting!

Thanks for reading this and by doing so, contributing to a world of not just better coaching, but exceptional Executive Coaching. There is so much that needs to improve in our organizational world!

Hiring exceptional executive coaches to inspire your key talent is a good step in making key leadership improvements.

Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

Director of Education


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