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Don’t Sleep On Josh Saterman, Co-Founder of Saterman Connect and iCoach Graduate

NY Yankees baseball announcer and former major league pitcher David Cone is fond of saying, “Don’t sleep on that guy,” referring to an underrated player. I have the same thought about Josh Saterman, the high-energy executive coach and consultant who I interviewed recently. Josh graduated from our iCoach Program at the start of the pandemic. Despite facing huge Covid headwinds and other personal issues swirling around he and his husband, Josh managed to jump start a formidable executive coaching and diversity equity and belonging consulting business called Saterman Connect.

The cheery on top was that Josh has filled out Saterman Connect’s coaching roster with multiple iCoach graduates both from his and other classes. In this interview, Josh talks about how he very much relies on iCoach [now iCoach Global] to select and develop exceptional executive coaches.

We’ve been on this executive coaching journey for almost twenty years. But we’ve too far too publicity-shy about telling people about what our iCoach program and everything our graduates have to offer.

That’s why I’m delighted to showcase coaches and consultants like Josh who can do some of the talking. Check out Josh’s company’s website, and if you want to hire exceptional executive coaches, as well as leaders, who use executive coaching in a purposeful, effective way, make sure they did their executive coach training at

One last note: we’re hosting an incredible EQ webinar led by EQ expert Dr Scott Livingston in January. Scott’s company provides ongoing certification for coaches and consultants who want to become certified on the best EQ assessment published, the EQ-I 2.0 assessment as well as the EQ-I 360.

The webinar is open to people interested in our iCoach Program – whether you ever decide to apply to our program or not. It’s also open to all the Sponsors of Pro Bono Coaching engagements offered through our Program.

The date to attend on Zoom is January 17, 2023 from 5:45 pm- 7:30 pm and you can register for FREE with this link.


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