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WDST? One Of The First Things I Heard About Steve Schloss When He Started At iCoach

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The buzz around Steve Schloss, as he first entered our iCoach Program years ago, was very good. Apparently “WDST- What does Steve Think” was something in the air at Time, Inc where Steve was VP of Global Talent Development. Since then, Steve went on to become Chief People Officer at several organizations in tech, and sports (involving the world of golf), a passion Steve shares.

As Steve states in our video interview- in which we’re introducing another exceptional executive coach graduate of iCoach- our program served several useful functions. It helped give him the capability and confidence to transition from old roles to what he’s doing now. Now, Steve is coaching and advising CEOs and executive teams at newly funded high-growth companies in fintech, healthcare IT and consumer SaaS . Apparently, people are still asking WDST.

As Steve tells us in this interview, the experience we provided him- and our participants- working with a real executive coaching client while being supported and supervised by an iCoach Faculty member, is a game changer. Add to that, we helped him to think about to creating and carving out a personal model for himself as an executive coach; this truly sent Steve on a success journey.

We’re honored we have an iCoach Global Program that attracts talented people like Steve. We’re even more pleased that through his- and fellow graduates hard work and inspiration, our program has a multiplier effect! More leaders and clients are effectively served. More leaders and managers continue to benefit from the core elements of executional executive coaching. We’re not happy that some businesses are turning executive coaching into a chunked up, cheap commodity these days, and some coaches are complicit in doing this type of coaching. More about this commoditization threat another time. For the moment, let’s celebrate Steve’s work. To contact Steve, please reach out to him at

For more information about our iCoach Global program which also offers training in setting up Internal Executive Coaching Programs at your company, please contact us at


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