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What Happens When Your Coaching Client Exits The Company-And Its Only Midway Through Your Coaching?

You're making good progress with your executive coaching client. This client may be a high performer who is engaged in the coaching process and then decides the right decision for them is to give notice and leave their position. Aside from being surprised, you may find yourself unusually upset. How do you handle this situation as both a coach and someone who wants to support growth and development and future leaders of the organization?

Many coaches do not prepare for this outcome or have a strategy about how to navigate the process with the client, the sponsor and the employer. Regardless of whether you are an internal or external coach, it may be a delicate balance of retaining trust of the employer, confidence of the client and maintaining your credibility as an effective coach. Communication is key while respecting the ethical and confidential boundaries of the coaching process.

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The coach may want to ask the client to clarify what the reasons are for their decision. Were the reasons tied to a development plan or stated goals of the client? Will the coach play a role in the transition phase of the client out of the position? How will the coach and/or client communicate to the sponsor and employer about what may be an unexpected outcome of the coaching engagement? If the coach is struggling to answer these questions, they may consider seeking the guidance of a mentor or coaching supervisor in formulating how best to proceed under these circumstances.

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