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Customer Service Matters! We Know Because We Talked To iCoach Global Graduate Kate Edwards

Updated: Jan 10

For any of us who have waited 45 minutes on a call for the tech person to figure out how they could help us get the scanner on our printer working, Kate’s Edward’s coaching, and consulting work can’t get traction fast enough.

Kate Edwards is another of our exceptional executive iCoach Global graduates and an innovator. Kate does her work in a specific niche - she works in the hospitality space. She’s taken the work she’s done in our course and applied it to the leadership and management issues faced by owners and chefs at large and small restaurants, and hotels. She’s also working at Fortune 500 companies that provide food and hospitality services to their employees.

When Barbara and I visited Tokyo the year before the pandemic we were delighted by the wonderful customer service we received at a well-known department store. Thinking about great customer service, I thought back to the sweet stories I’d read about the creative calls customers at Zappos years before. Customer service experience at Zappos rather than being a burden to customers, became a differentiator which turned into way to burnish that company’s reputation.

After Kate graduated from iCoach, she wrote and published “Hello and Every Little Thing that Matters” which details her experiences and recommendations as to how to improve hospitality and customer service experience in all kinds of businesses. The book received excellent reviews and is still available on and other bookstores.

The world of business and executive coaching has come a long way since our iCoach program graduated our first class in 2004. Back then, people were questioning whether coaching was a fad and would soon fade from the business scene. Time and experience have proven coaching doubters wrong. What we see today is we’re living in a world where coaching is a necessary differentiator in enabling your business and industry to survive and thrive.

Creative coaching innovators like Kate Edwards, who can be reached via, are a prime example of how our iCoach Global program continues to excel in supplying exceptional coaches to organizations. Our folks are improving businesses across the board in ways that many of us do not even realize. Check out our video interview here with Kate. And, if you think you might a candidate for becoming an executional executive coach yourself, contact us at to schedule an informational interview. You can read about our 2024 Program by downloading the 2024 Syllabus on



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