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YES, David Sarnoff, ACC, Esq, Is That People Person

By Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

Granted, the term “people person” is overused.

But consider this: put iCoach Global Alumni Association Head and Adjunct Faculty member David Sarnoff in a room with a hundred people.  I predict David will end up talking to the twenty most interesting people present.

David is an adjunct faculty member at and as of last year, Head of Alumni Association events.  This position leverages David’s networking magic. He’s continuing to attract and build iCoach Alumni events out of his interactions with both iCoach Global Alumni, and experts external to our iCoach Global world.

David identifies as a “son of a seltzer man.”  His dad was a throwback sales guy. He sold those big bottles of seltzer throughout the boroughs of the Big Apple.  Shadowing his dad at work as child, David saw his father bonding and caring for all customers, regardless of wealth or station in life, passing these values down to David.  David’s dad died a few years ago; David continues to tell his story.

David credits his love for his father as hugely related to his coaching work. This work as an Executive Coach and DEIB consultant are the latest iterations of his journey.  David previously had a career as a litigation attorney and after that was an owner of an executive search firm specializing in placing attorneys. It is this newest work which has felt most like a life’s mission- and helped David identify his “son of  a Seltzer man” legacy.

Speak to David.  You’ll quickly find him positively contagious about using his specialization in the EQ i- 2.0 assessment to help Clients at improve self-awareness and change behavior.   

Refer executive coaching work, speaking engagements, training and panel discussion work to him on topics like Executive Coaching and DEIB.

Although David no longer works as an attorney, he’s active in the legal world, co-heading a committee at the New York City Bar Association on Diversity Equity and Inclusion.   Contact him at

For those wanting to know more about our iCoach Global Executive Coaching training program, please contact us at


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