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Is There A Doctor In The House At iCoach? How About A Clinical Psychologist? Meet Marc Miller, PhD, PCC, iCoach Global Faculty Member

By Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

Marc Miller is a great person to talk to. Talking with and to him is very easy and fun.  He has a way of engaging that makes you feel both happy and good about yourself.  Some of this is a gift. But another part is the result of many hours of “flight time” as a clinical psychologist and now Executive coach.  Marc, who holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University, is an early graduate of our iCoach Program.

Now we’re delighted he’s reunited with us as a faculty member, Supervisor and Mentor Coach.  Marc has a long list of certifications and accomplishments as a Divorce Mediator, Team Coach, former President of the Long Island Chapter of the ICF.  But he probably won’t tell you any of these things- because he is a very humble yet accomplished person.

What he’s more likely to tell you about is how he and his wife dote on taking care of Marc’s 98-year-old Dad who still lives independently in the projects in the Bronx.  Or his vegetarian diet.

He’s another of our faculty who are “good with people.” He’s had lots of training as a clinical psychologist at one of the premiere clinical psychology programs in the world. He followed this with post-doc training and years in private practice.  By the time he arrived on our iCoach shores, he was already strong at what I sometimes think of as the clinical side of coaching- the one-on-one sessions.

Having him work with three of our participants last year as Supervisor and Mentor Coach worked very well for both our Program and as stress relief for Jeremy.  Because he’s an agile learner, he was able to adapt to the difficult task of providing supervision and Mentor Coaching without being in any of the classes teaching.  It was a tough piece of work, but he handled it almost seamlessly.  To be honest, there were some seams, but those were probably Jeremy-caused seams in not communicating well enough.

This year, we’ve been able to properly fold him into our instructor roster.  We look forward to both his serious and playful contributions.  Yes, he makes all of us smarter. But even more importantly, because he’s another one of “those people” who have great values, the feeling of being around him makes a person feel good about himself/herself.  In the coaching world this tells me that Marc has got ‘it’.  At iCoach Global we’re incredibly lucky to have a faculty filled with folks similar to Marc who possess this “it” factor. 

For organizations who want to talk to Marc about adding him to their roster as an executive coach, please reach out to him via LinkedIn.

We’re older.  Our 21st iCoach Global Class Professional Coaching Program launched last week.  We’ve started accepting invitations for information and interviews about our 2025 PCP Class. To do so, please reach out to us at


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