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Let's Welcome Our Two ACC-Credentialed Coaches, Amy G. Johnson And Denise Roistacher

By Jeremy Robinson

The ACC credential from the ICF is now within close reach for graduates.  Starting with the class of 2022, when we first received our Level 1 accreditation from the ICF, we’re seeing more interest from graduates who want to take the ICF test to gain their ACC credential.

Two newly minted ACC coaches, Amy G. Johnson, and Denise Roistacher, spoke to us about their ACC test experience.  We wanted to find out how they prepared for the exam, what they recommended, all that stuff that makes everyone anxious about taking the ACC exam.  We also wanted to know in what ways the training they had through at iCoach Global might have helped.

We found out that a peer group of approximately half their class had been meeting together since their graduations.  They’ve been supporting one another and continuing the journey they can began as they first enrolled at iCoach Global.  Amy G. Johnson, who can be contacted at was an early applicant in 2021 and the first person to join the Class of 2021.  Amy has a background as a management consultant. She’s done lot of work in the non-profit world. 

Denise Roistacher, who prefers to be reached via her LinkedIn - has had a strong career in talent management, now adds ACC to her master’s degree credentials.  Denise works at a well-known NY hospital in NYC.  She’s previously held positions at major financial institutions in the metro area.

Breaking news is that another member of Amy and Denise’s peer cohort, Valerie Morel, just found out she’s received her ACC.  Valerie’s email is  Valerie is bi-lingual and is one of several French speaking iCoach Global graduates who we’ve been lucky enough to have had matriculate through our program in the past twenty years.

Yet even as we celebrate the Class of 2022, we’re busy building the Professional Coaching Program, Class of 2024. We can be contacted at  We’re also interested in hearing from Sponsors of Executive Coaching engagements who are in the climate change space.  Fun fact: over the past twenty years, our iCoach Global participants have provided more than $ 3 million worth of pro bono executive coaching engagements.  Once a Sponsor works with us, they learn first-hand how excellent our executive coaching participants are. It’s win/win. 

Question:  would you want a doctor who never saw patients as part of her/his medical training?  Coaching-related question;  would you want an executive coach in your organization who had only coached other coaches in their coach training program?


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