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To Teach Exceptional Executive Coaching, It Helps To Be An Exceptional Executive Coach. Case In Point: Meet Faculty Member, Karyn Gallant, MS, PCC

By Jeremy Robinson

Good design of our executive coaching program has been foundational to iCoach Global.  From the beginning in 2004, our founder, Bob Lee, Mike Frisch, Karen Metzger, and I co-created iCoach New York with this top of mind.  We built our program from the idea we all needed to practice exceptional executive coaching.

Karyn Gallant became one of the first Instructors and Supervisor/Mentor Coaches I interviewed to succeed our core four.  Why?  Because I’ve had a front row seat learning about her executive coaching work for more than fifteen years as her colleague.  I  can say with confidence that Karyn can teach and mentor exceptional executive coaching. Part of the reason is because she is that thing itself: an executive coach who does exceptional work.

When I met Karyn for this video interview, Karyn recalled how well-designed she found the iCoach Global curriculum. It was a remembrance of having had that same experience as an iCoach participant in 2007.

Karyn reminded me of elegant design in all fields.  Find the best people, with the best intentions and set them on a path to pursue best results.

In Karyn, our program participants meet a coach who has worked at all leadership levels in a broad swath of companies.  Originally concentrating on the media industry and having been an HR partner, she’s moved on to coach executive team members and leaders in many types of industries, as well as non-profits organizations.

Her clients are sometimes startled by her creative mindset.  She awakens them to look at situations in new ways.  I’d liken it to having an inspiring conversation with a brilliant friend.

She “finds stuff” for her clients that her clients didn’t know was there or couldn’t fully articulate.  This “finding stuff” becomes key to her building relationships.

Karyn’s creativity in synthesizing learning translates well to Supervision, Mentor Coaching, and teaching.  Our iCoach Global participants respond in similar active, inspired ways as her clients.

iCoach Global demonstrates, through faculty like Karyn, our original thesis. We require experienced executive coaches in our Zoom classroom. Participants convert coaching theory to action learning.

Our iCoach Global learning model is immersive learning.  

Participants learn by doing.  They wake up to their own competence as they move through the arc of executive coaching.

If this design speaks to you, we’d like to talk to you. Our 2024 iCoach Global PCP may have one or two spots open.  If not, we’re already recruiting for our 2025 Professional Coaching program which starts in February 2025.  Please contact us at  


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