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We’re Delighted To Welcome Anita Kishore, PhD, ACC To Our Faculty. She’s A BigBrain, Problem Solver Who Is Helping iCoach Global And Our Participants Untangle Stuff

By Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

Sometimes, a coach or a team of coaches needs another coach to help them sort things out. We at iCoach Global have discovered that it’s even better if that coach is also strong on consulting and administrative problem solving. For us at iCoach Global, this person is named Anita Kishore.

We’re happy to welcome Anita Kishore, PhD, ACC as part of our faculty team. She is a new Mentor Coach and Instructor. Next year, we hope to be adding Supervisor responsibilities to her remit. Meanwhile, this year we’re keeping her busy solving some gnarly administrative problems.

We caught up recently with Anita for an interview to learn something about her journey to our program, first as a participant and now as part of our faculty team. In our attached video interview Anita describes her journey from grad school going forward.

Anita chose not to follow her parents’ path of becoming an MD. Her parents had come to the US from India. Anita obtained a PhD in chemistry and then went to work at various roles in consulting companies and Pharma.

Along the way she kept discovering that even though she was good at the science, it was the people more than the science that really ignited her passionate interest. Anita describes how, before coming to our iCoach Program as a participant, she had experiences living abroad in Germany for three years and after that, traveling through different parts of Africa and India as part of her work in a non-profit.

Returning to her roots in the US, she took a job in another not for profit serving as a mentor to grad students in an organization designed to address issues of racial equity.

By the time she landed on our shores at iCoach, Anita had been able to look around at her various impressive professional life experiences and integrate them with her “liking the people more than the science” part of her journey.

Lately she’s building her practice as an executive coach. She can be contacted via Linked In-

Joining our team as a faculty member helps us get access to Anita’s considerable brain power and amazing organizational skills. For Anita, I believe her wish is to continue the people side of her development is what inspires her.

I concur with Anita that she will receive rich benefits from her experiences with her faculty colleagues and the remarkable participants we attract at

We’ve started to interview applicants for our 2025 Professional Coaching Program. To request an interview please contact us at


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