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Introducing Our First Exceptional Coach Of 2023, Michelle Tenzyk

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

We’re delighted to kick-off our first Vlog of 2023 by introducing iCoach grad, Michelle Tenzyk, a great example of an exceptional executive coach.

We spoke with Michelle as 2022 was winding down. She shared her experience going through iCoach many years ago. Since then, Michelle has not only built her consulting practice,, but she has gained a reputation as a sought-after leadership coach, who coaches CEOs and other members of executive teams.

In addition to having a gift for coaching, Michelle has built her practice by having a blue-collar work ethic. Early in coaching career, she was willing to take on any coaching assignment, paid or not. Her grit and talent opened the door to a multitude of engagements. As we’ve seen with other iCoach graduates, gaining competence through having accomplished multiple coaching assignments builds a coach’s confidence. Michelle has continued to find her voice by trusting her intuition in being direct with Clients. In the last five years, Michelle has found herself on the short list of executive coaches referred to coach CEOs at mid-market companies, both public and private.

Along the way, Michelle serves an excellent model as a coach. She talks about how she finds executive coaching supervision invaluable in helping hone her craft. She serves on the board of an organization that advocates for people with mental health challenges. As someone who has “come out” as having experienced some of these same challenges, Michelle’s advocacy serves as a courageous example. Although Michelle is very much one of a kind, she is the type of coach and leader that we have attracted to our iCoach program every year since we started in 2004. We plan to continue to introduce them to you through 2023 in these brief video interviews.

Speaking of our iCoach Global program, we’d like to pivot to invite potential exceptional coach candidates to apply to our program either this year- where they may face a waiting list, or for 2024. We also welcome organizations who want to Sponsor pro bono executive coaching engagements to contact us. We’re trying to prioritize coaching engagements at organizations that are contributing to climate change work, and disease prevention initiatives to literally save our planet. Please contact us at if you have executives who could benefit from pro bono coaching. All our iCoach pro bono coaching clients need to be considered key talent and want to engage an executive coach.

Here's something else we’re offering: we’re hosting an incredible EQ webinar led by well-known EQ expert Dr Scott Livingston January 17th. Scott’s company provides ongoing certification for coaches and consultants who want to become certified on the best EQ assessment published, the EQ-I 2.0 assessment as well as the EQ-I 360. This webinar is open to people interested in our iCoach Program – whether you ever decide to apply or not. This webinar is also open to present and future Sponsors of iCoach Pro Bono Coaching engagements offered through our Program.

The time to attend on Zoom is January 17, 2023, from 5:45 pm- 7:30 pm. You can register for FREE with this link -

Here’s to a 2023 filled with exceptional executive coaching!


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