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Meet The Unstoppable Natalie Loeb, Founder & President Of Loeb Leadership And iCoach Graduate

Sometimes our iCoach graduates get a better return on investment in our iCoach Global Executive Coaching Program than they -or we- expected.

Natalie Loeb, Founder and President of Loeb Leadership, and iCoach graduate, is a great example. Natalie came to our Professional Coaching Program [PCP], as she explains in this ten-minute interview, expecting to get trained as a leadership coach.

She received that training. But in the process, she began to realize that she could transform her company, which had been a small consulting company, into a larger leadership development organization. This happened over many years. In this interview, Natalie tells the story about how her work with her iCoach Executive Coach Supervisor, Bob Lee, lit a spark. Natalie started taking more moderate risks as a coach and business owner.

Since her matriculation from our iCoach Program, Natalie has continued her inspirational arc. Her confidence has grown. She and her Team have turned Loeb Leadership into a robust organization that not only does consulting and leadership coaching, but culture and DEI work.

An interesting side benefit to iCoach is that Natalie recruits our iCoach graduates to work as independent contractors doing Leadership Coaching at many of the companies Loeb Leadership has contracts with.

The iCoach eco-system, still not as well-known as we’d like it to be outside the New York Metro area, has an organic, sustainable base to it. Yes, we train exceptional Executive Coaches. We also train executive coaches who turn into remarkable leaders. We’re bringing you these stories. Pass it on, please.

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