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Catching Up With iCoach Global Graduate Coach Ora

By Jeremy Robinson

I couldn’t believe it when iCoach Global graduate Ora Shtull told me at our

recent video interview it had been seventeen years since she had graduated from our program. Now, she’s firmly established in her professional identity as Coach Ora, our only iCoach Global graduate to have successfully branded herself under one name. I seem to have read that a couple of other folks like Oprah and Madonna have benefitted from similar one-name professional identities, right?

Ora started with us when she was a communications consultant. Always highly articulate and intelligent, she cited the evolution of her personal model as providing the key to her development. Our iCoach Global program spends many classes in which participants discuss what is their personal model of executive coaching. We ask, “What is your approach to coaching that differentiates your work?” By approach, we’re not referring to your coaching process. We’re asking our participants [who are too old and too experienced to be called students], how do they help clients change? What makes their executive coaching most valuable? In Ora’s case, she’s moved from communication consulting to executive coaching for coaching senior leaders in major organizations. Along the way she’s received a certification in being a coaching supervisor and leads groups of executive women. She’s also made and produced more than a hundred videos since her iCoach Global graduation. And she’s developed a niche expertise in personal branding.

For readers who want to hire Ora or get a taste of Ora’s magic, you can reach to her on Linked In or at

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we find that post-Thanksgiving is a critical time for us to receive inquiries and applications for our 2024 Program. The program starts at the end of February. I know it sounds redundant for me to write this, but we’re again finding ourselves fielding a class of potentially exceptional executive coaches. We’re amazingly lucky with our applicants and graduates. Do you have the determination to reach for what we can teach?

Yes, we know, it’s rigor, talent and grit that pays off into being an executional executive coach. Please read the 2024 Syllabus to our PCP Program on our website. If it inspires you, email us that you want to be interviewed by us. Please send your email to


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