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Introducing Lisa Chenofsky Singer, PCC, Our Reigning Resource Maven At iCoach Global

By Jeremy Robinson

How do you get to be thought of as a resource maven at iCoach Global?  How’s this for starters: 1] Having your own executive and career coaching practice - Lisa can be contacted at 2] Being a Facilitator at an organization, Chief, that provides leadership groups services to female executives.  3] Teaching at [formerly WBECs].  4] Teaching at Rutgers and Rice University.  5] Connecting to coaches, trainers and training resources in India, UK, Australia and Norway in addition wide geographies throughout the US.  6] Being a board member and co-chair of the membership committee at the New Jersey Chapter of the ICF.

Quite an impressive list!  Plus, I have personal information that Lisa is generous about sharing resources with iCoach Global colleagues. She also wants folks to think of her when referring work for executive and career coaching, change management, training and teaching.

Lisa, whose tag business line is “Love your work, live your talent and treasure your life’s success”, was member number 1008 to join LinkedIn.  She was an early graduate of when we were still iCoach New York.  She learned about our executive coaching program though her connection to Bob Lee, who sadly passed away several years ago.  She was working in HR at the time and had been doing career coaching.  We were happy to learn all this in the attached video interview we held with her recently. 

Lisa has gone on to add executive coaching, change management, facilitation and teaching to her career since she graduated from our program.  Like Lisa Chenofsky Singer, we at are growing. Our  iCoach Global Professional Coaching Program just received notice from the ICF that our Professional Coach Training Program has been renewed by ICF  as an accredited Level 1 Program. Our accreditation now runs until January 31, 2027.  We’re still accepting applications for the 2024 Class. It’s possible we may soon be at wait list status. For inquiries and potential applications for the 2024 Program, please contact us at


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