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Searching For A Practical Perspective From An Executive Coach? Meet Delana Glenn

With the September rains finally ending and Fall in the air, we again return to introducing some of the exceptionally talented executive coaches who have graduated from our Executive Coaching Program over the past twenty years.

Delana Glenn, a rare minority graduate from Bronx Science High School in NYC from back in the day, has been a seasoned executive who has worked at various senior roles in the transportation field, again an anomaly as a female executive. As part of her journey, Delana obtained an MBA from Baruch College, whose management program has been a long-time partner of the iCoach Executive Coaching Program.

Lots of executive coaching Clients I’ve met prefer coaches who are practical, smart, direct and don’t waste time. That’s clearly a formula Delana has used successfully as a Management Consultant, which she now has rolled into her executive coaching work.

In our targeted conversation, Delana discussed what it was like to be in our 2020 cohort, when we had to pivot from meeting in person to being on video due to the Covid epidemic in Spring 2020.

We also began to scratch the surface in brainstorming what it will take for iCoach Global and other coaching programs to attract and train more minority coaches to our programs. We’ll plan to return to this discussion in other interviews.

For those wanting to get in touch and work with Delana, she can be contacted

at For those wanting more information about our 2024 iCoach PCP class, you can download our 2024 Syllabus and /or you can an application for an interview by emailing

Here’s hoping our coaching field is finally starting to get serious about being more inclusive regarding working with more minority executive coaching Clients and training more exceptional executive coaches of color.


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